Fight capitalism as the Glorious Leader, KIM JONG UN feat. DENNIS RODMAN!

Coming this year to PC and Mobile platforms: Play as the Glorious Leader and shoot yourself through seven levels of the Contra of communism, the saviour of the North Korean race, riding on a flaming horse. We’ll stay tuned. Until then you may watch the vice/HBO-documentary of the Harlem Globetrotters visiting North Korea ( which this game actually refers to.

Sunset Overdrive is one of the games that actually do convince me that there’s still hope for that XBonePS4-Tech generation of consoles as it’s FINALLY something I couldn’t imagine being able to play on a PS360.

I’m still wondering, how long it takes until we’ll really see destructible houses, streets and cities. In this game, there’s blowing a NUKE without doing anything to the buildings? Sure, technology isn’t there yet, but I personally could live with worse polycounts and textures if you’d actually be able to REALLY DO DAMAGE to all environments.